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What are the Classifications of Bearing Steel?

Nov. 20, 2020

At present, the main steel types of bearing steel in my country include high-carbon chromium bearing steel, carburized bearing steel, and medium-carbon bearing steel. The consumption of GCr15 accounts for more than 95% of the consumption of bearing steel. The following bearing steel suppliers will introduce you to the characteristics, uses, and representative steel grades of different series of bearing steels.

1. High carbon chromium bearing steel

Features: Good overall performance, maximum production volume, good cutting performance after spheroidizing annealing, high hardness after quenching and tempering, high wear resistance, and contact fatigue strength.

Uses: Used to make various bearing rings and rolling elements.

Representative steel types: GCr15, GCr15SiMn, GCr4, GCr15SiMo, GCr18Mo.

2. Carburized bearing steel

Features: It belongs to low-carbon alloy steel, the surface has high hardness and high wear resistance after carburizing, while the core maintains good toughness and can withstand strong impact loads.

Purpose: Large machinery bearing large impact load.

Representative steel types: G20CrMo, G20CrNiMo, G20CrNi2Mo, G20Cr2Ni4, G10CrNi3Mo, G20Cr2Mn2Mo.

Bearing Steel

3. Medium carbon bearing steel

Features: better warm processing and cold processing performance.

Purpose: Bearing parts or extra-large bearings with multiple functions such as wheel hubs and gears.

Representative steel grades: my country does not have special medium carbon bearing steel. The steel grades often used for medium carbon bearings are 37CrA, 65Mn, 50CrVA, 50CrNi, 55SiMoVA.

4. Stainless steel bearing

Features: corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance at high temperature.

Uses: To manufacture bearings and certain parts that work in a corrosive environment, and can also be used to manufacture miniature precision bearings for low friction and low torque instruments.

Representative steel types: 9Cr18, 9Cr18Mo.

5. High temperature bearing steel

Features: high-temperature hardness, dimensional stability, high-temperature oxidation resistance, low thermal expansion, and high creep strength.

Uses manufacture bearings that work at high temperatures such as jet engines, gas turbines, and aerospace vehicles in aviation and aerospace industries.

Representative steel types: 8Cr4Mo4V, 10Cr14Mo4, Cr4Mo4V, W18Cr4V.