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Hot Work Tool Steel

Tool steel must have high hardness, and different types of tool steel have different hardness, toughness and high temperature resistance. Tool steel is divided into the following 4 categories:

  1.  Carbon tool steel

  2.  Hot working tool steel

  3.  Cold processing tools are expensive

  4.  High-speed tool steel

Characteristics of hot working tool steel

  •  Resistant to deformation at various hot working temperatures. Carbon steel becomes soft at this temperature and its strength decreases, so it cannot be used as a hot working mold;

  •  It also has considerable resistance to mechanical and thermal shock (especially if it is cooled with water). In order to increase the impact resistance of these steel grades, the carbon content must be kept to a low limit;

  •  Corrosion resistance and wear resistance at high temperature;

  •  Capable of resisting heat treatment deformation. Complex molds should not be deformed during heat treatment. Use high hardenability steel to solve this problem;

  •  Resistance to thermal cracking (fine and shallow cracks on the tool surface).