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What Do You Know about Plastic Mold Steel?

Dec. 24, 2020

The output value of plastic forming molds in my country has accounted for the first place in the total output value of the mold industry, and the corresponding plastic mold steel has accounted for more than 50% of the total mold steel. With the progress of the demand for plastic products and the expansion of application fields, higher and higher requirements are put forward for plastic molds, which promotes the continuous development of plastic molds, and at the same time, drives the rapid development of plastic mold steel, which is mainly manifested in plastic mold steel. The development of plastics has accelerated, and the variety has increased rapidly, but the current plastic mold materials are still mainly steel. Reasonable selection of plastic mold steel and heat treatment process plays an important role in ensuring the quality of plastic molds, improving the service life of plastic molds and reducing production costs.

⒈Working conditions of plastic mold

Plastic molds can be divided into thermosetting molding plastic molds and thermoplastic molding plastic molds according to different molding and curing. Thermosetting molding plastic molds, such as compression molding molds, are used as solid powder materials or preformed blanks when they work, which participate in the cavity and are formed by hot pressing at a certain temperature. Thermoplastic molding plastic molds, such as injection molds and kneading molds, are injected and kneaded in a viscous flow state when the plastic enters the cavity and is processed.

2. Functional requirements of plastic mold materials

⑴Functional requirements for the use of plastic mold materials

①Higher hardness and wear resistance; ②Definite heat and corrosion resistance; ③Outstanding dimensional stability; ④Outstanding thermal conductivity.

⑵Process function requirements of plastic mold materials

①Excellent machinability; ②Excellent cold press formability; ③heat treatment processability; ④welding function.

Plastic Mold Tool Steel

3. The function and classification of plastic mold steel

The technical requirements for the heat treatment of plastic mold steel have the following characteristics.

① Ensure moderate hardness and outstanding toughness.

② Ensure that the quenching deformation is small.

③ During the heat treatment of the mould, special attention should be paid to the protection of the cavity surface to avoid various heat treatment defects.

④ Thermosetting plastic moulds work under heated and compressed conditions for a long time, and the heat treatment should have high resistance to sinking.

Characteristics of plastic mold tool steel 

1. Low alloy precipitation hardening steel, good comprehensive mechanical properties, high hardenability,

2. Convenient heat treatment, small deformation after heat treatment, and good polishability.

3. This material also has good nitriding, electrical processing, welding and pattern marking properties.


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