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  • Cr12Mov Cold Work Tool Steel Plates / Bars / Sheet / Forgings
  • Cr12Mov Cold Work Tool Steel Plates / Bars / Sheet / Forgings

Cr12MoV /Tool Steel/Alloy Steel/Mold Stee/ Mask Mould Material/Die Steel


the material is used to make the mask mould/mold/die

round bar sizes are 80mm 85mm 90 mm 95mm 100mm 110mm 120mm 130mm 140mm

Product Details

Chemical Composition(%)

StandardSteel GradeCSiMnPSCrMoVW


Round barDiameterLength-
Forged round bar: φ50~2802000~6000-
Rolled round bar: φ10~802000~6000-
Flat barThickness(mm)Width(mm)Length(mm)
Forged plate: 20~30050~7102000~6000
Rolled plate: 10~65155~6102000~6000


1. With good hardenability, is able to be full hardened when the diameter of cross section is under 300-400mm.

2. It can still maintain good hardness and abrasion resistance at the temperature ranging from 300 to 400℃.

3. Its toughness is better than that of Cr12.

4. Its volume changes the least in the course of quenching.


Used to manufacturing all kinds of moulds and tools with comparatively larger cross sections and complex shapes, which can bear heavy shock loads. Complex-shaped piercing dies, panel boards in the complex die mould, deep-drawing dies for steel plates, wire-drawing dies, threading screw plates, cold-extruding dies, cold-cutting scissors, circular saws, standard tools, measuring tools, etc.

Delivery Condition

Annealed, hardness≤255HB

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