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  • Product Name: S7 Cold Work Tool Steel
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Product Name: S7 Cold work tool steel

S7/round bar/flat bar/cold work tool steel/die steel/mould steel


Chemical Composition:

C 0.45-0.55 Si 0.20-1.00 Mn 0.20-0.90 P/S 0.030 Cr 3.0-3.5 Mo 1.30-1.80 V<=0.35



1. S7 is an air or oil hardening shock resisting cold work tool steel offering a unique combination of toughness and wear resistance. This material is primarily used in applications that require resistance to shock and/or impact.

2. S7 can be used for both cold and hot tooling applications where a high degree of shock resistance is required but can also be used for dies in plastic molding and other applications where the operating temperatures are below 1,000 degress.

3. S7 has a machinability rating of about 75% of a 1% carbon tool steel.

4. S7 is sold in the annealed condition. Typical annealed hardness is BHN 187/220 Rc 10/18.

5. S7 maximum working hardness is BHN 615 Rc 58.



Used for shear blades, chisels, plastic injection molds, swaging dies, gripper dies and punches etc.