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     Hubei Risun Special Steel Co., Ltd is a research, production, sales, import and export trade company in steel products as one of the producers and traders, and with major domestic steel companies have extensive business dealings. Company registered in China's rural Die Fullmetal - Huangshi City, Huangshi City Mission office address in the city of Mountain Development.
The company's manufacturing plant has set smelting, forging, heat treatment and surface treatment for the complete production process and quality control system integration, production cold, hot, plastic mold steel, tool steel and alloy steel. Factory area of ​​about 20,000 square meters, with 4 tons IF induction furnace, 1.5 tons electroslag furnace, five tons electroslag furnace one (ESR ingot can be processed 1-5 tons), 750kg electric hammer a 5 tons of electro-hydraulic hammer, one Taiwan, 30 tons electric annealing furnace 2, Saw 4, double peeling machine, two sets of 50 lathe, milling machine two sets, straightening machine, a spectrum analyzer scoreboard, ultrasonic flaw detector two sets, each a chemical analysis lab and quality testing room; product quality testing, including chemical and spectral analysis as well as high and low times of the crystal phase detection. Product Specifications: Forged round: ∮50-450mm; forging board: 20-300mm × 50-710mm; rolling circle: ∮12-65mm; rolled plate: 12--65mm × 155-610mm; shaft and disc-type shaped forgings. Long-term with H13 / 1.2344, D2 / 1.23679, D3 / 1.2080, D2 / 1.2379 and other steel stocks, a total of about 500 tons, "We are not only able to produce existing grades, but also, and many well-known domestic steel mills have business contacts, who can not produce steel, we have the ability to produce a strong organization.





In steel smelting, forging, various aspects of internal and surface quality control, heat treatment, machining, finance and business management in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system of strict control. Daye Steel's former technical staff, as the product of smelting steel, forging, heat treatment, finishing and inspection operations and production in key positions to ensure excellent quality of our steel products. Conduct established industry, academia, research and technical cooperation with universities in Wuhan, improve the company's new product development capabilities and market competitiveness.

   The company is currently working with more than 50 customers around the world more than 10 countries and regions have established good cooperative links, annual production reached 15,000 tons.
Uphold the integrity of management, innovation, service users, quality first, mutual benefit and common development philosophy. Countries in all walks of life are welcome to visit and negotiate business!