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China's benchmark power coal price edges up


China's benchmark power coal price inched up in the first week of 2018 due to robust consumption from coal-fired power plants in coastal areas.

The Bohai-Rim Steam-Coal Price Index, a gauge of coal prices in northern China's major ports published weekly, went up 0.17 percent from a week ago to 578 yuan (nearly $90) per metric ton, according to Qinhuangdao Ocean Shipping Coal Trading Market Co. Ltd.

"Downstream coal usage remained high," the company said in a report, citing daily consumption of major power plants has been maintained above 700,000 tons for 21 consecutive days.

The coal market has been stable since the end of November, when seasonal demand surge ended price declines lasting for seven straight weeks.

The index was still 2 percent lower than a year ago.

China is in the middle of capacity cuts in the bloated coal and steel sectors. Last year's annual targets to slash steel capacity by around 50 million tons and coal by at least 150 million tons were fulfilled in August and October, respectively.

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